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Friday, March 8, 2013

hye guys, It's been long since my last update. Lately I was a bit busy with my driving license ((still is)). Actually I plan to post this entry after I receive my driving license, but then it's taking me forever to pass it.

Driving is actually harder than what I've imagined.. and I dont know why.

My 1st attempt : Gagal both on the road and dalam litar ((bukit))
My 2nd attempt : Lulus on the road and Gagal litar ((3 penjuru))
My 3rd attempt : Gagal litar ((parking))

Hopefully that there's wont be any 5th attempt. InsyaAllah. Pray for me :-)

Thanks to those yang bagi encouragement cakap "dont give up","It's not the end of the world","You can do it but the luck is just not with you" and etc..but then terima kasih juga to the one yang said this to me ;
"alah wawa tuh, time exam time SPM bolehlah dia lulus, tapi dekat luar kau ingat dia boleh lulus? This is real life kot!" T.T
wow that kindda hurt! Tapi ia menyedarkan aku yang tak semua orang boleh menguasai semua bidang. Mungkin kita pandai dalam bidang ni dan orang tu pandai dalam bidang lain.

Well, That's life, Allah menciptakan semua manusia ini unik.Kesemuanya mempunyai kelebihan dan kekurangan mereka yang tersendiri. Kalau semuaorang nak menguasai semua bidang pon tak boleh jugak kan ? hmm..

Maybe driving is not my thing, or maybe it is.. but I just have to work harder and never give up. Maybe Allah is just testing me. I believe in Allah. I guess He just has better plans for me.